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Things We Get Wrong

February 12, 2017


People are irrational and their decisions are based on emotion, influence, and random variables. Reason is mostly an illusion. — Scott Adams My group is always right — We evolved as tribal villagers, living in groups that hardly changed over the generations. We depended on those people, couldn’t live without them. Outsiders — strangers from faraway — […]

Cento Politicus

August 28, 2016


THE PROBLEM: No matter how civilized we are and how much society has curbed violent behavior, human beings still have the same genes they had 10,000 years ago. Our bodies are designed to have a certain amount of physical stress and violence in them. We’re designed to run from jaguars and fight to defend our […]


August 21, 2014


A barbarian isn’t someone from a society you find distasteful. A barbarian is someone who forces you to belong to that society. The true barbarian is he who thinks everything barbarous but his own tastes and prejudices. — William Hazlitt It’s not how you dress or what you believe that makes you civilized; it’s how […]

Tribes and Politics

September 26, 2013


For tens of thousands of years, humans lived in small tribal villages. They knew everyone in their world, all few hundred or so. Each hamlet shared the same language, religion, culture, genetics, cuisine. Anyone could talk to the chieftain and be heard. Everyone agreed on the basic rules, and conflicts were resolved within the group. […]