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The Ticket — a short story

May 28, 2018


“You are exceeding the speed limit.” “I’m late for work.” “The posted speed limit for this highway is sixty-five miles per hour. You are driving at seventy-three miles per hour, eight miles over the limit. If you persist, I am required by law to issue you a ticket.” “Don’t you dare, Car! You belong to […]

Free the Buses!

January 8, 2015


So there I was, caught in some serious stop-and-go congestion on the Hollywood Freeway — it was raining, rare in Southern California and thus confusing to drivers — and I had nothing to do except tap my fingers on the steering wheel. So I started thinking about how to improve traffic. Pretty soon I had […]

Things to Come

December 19, 2013


Over time we’ve gotten used to jet airliners, car stereos, microwave ovens, trash compacters, the Internet, flat-screen TVs, smartphones, endless Kardashian weddings, and twerking. What can we look forward to in our future that might seem like absurd pipe dreams today? Let’s brainstorm. • We’ll order our groceries online and they’ll arrive at our doorstep […]