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Buzz Kill — a short story

July 30, 2017


Nobody can hurt me without my permission. — Gandhi These days, every time I watch a TV drama where the hero hooks up with a young woman and they retire to a bedroom and start undressing and groping, inevitably — invariably — the guy asks, “Are you sure you want to do this?”  The young […]

The Left Is Winning All the Battles

July 2, 2015


Have you noticed what a thrilling year it’s been for the Left? They’ve won just about every political argument. Gays can now marry, nationwide. People can be shamed for owning a Confederate flag. Trans fats are to be phased out of all food products. Landlords can be sued for unintentional discrimination. A socialist has polled […]

Change the World?

November 20, 2014


We can change the world. / Rearrange the world. — Graham Nash Back in the day, it was an American commonplace that any kid could grow up to be president. Today people tell boys and girls they can grow up to be the next Steve Jobs. We also tell our children they can grow up […]