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Superiority — a short story

June 24, 2018


      “Are you ready?” “For what?” “The next natural disaster. They always happen eventually. I’m fully prepared to handle anything.” “Good for you.” “So have you made preparations?” “Let’s see, I’ve got extra food and water, flashlights—” “But is it enough?” “Well, I can’t be sure I’ve thought of every—” “It’s never enough!” […]

Quips and Cracks about Society

March 29, 2012


More fun with epigrams! First, a collection of pleasantly sarcastic snipes about humans and their foibles: People and Friends: –In the flux of urban life, friendships are under constant stress, but it’s easy to meet new people, so friends become disposable. –Just because some people are charming doesn’t mean they’re nice; this is especially true […]