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Will We Control AI?

January 8, 2017


. . . If we just build an AI without tuning its values, the argument goes, one of the first things it will do is destroy humanity. — Maciej Cegłowski We “live in interesting times” fraught with “dangerous opportunities”. But enough about China. Within the next 30 years or so, due to rapid advances in […]

What Are the Odds?

January 28, 2012


People don’t always think clearly about the odds. We worry about asteroid strikes but are many times more likely to die from a heart attack due to all that greasy food we eat. We fear our kids will be kidnapped by online strangers but they’re vastly more apt to be harmed by someone they know. […]

The Great Issue of Our Times?

November 6, 2011


A friend asks: “What is the great issue of our times?  That which will define our current era when we look back, like Vietnam War for the 60s, nuclear war in the 50s, WWII in the forties.” I wanted to reply, “Issue? Issue? Gesundheit!” Instead, here are my candidates: 1. The War on Terrorism (Caused two […]