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83 Problems

September 10, 2017


Love God and do what you will. — St. Augustine Early in my teens, one afternoon it hit me like a ton of bricks: I really wanted to get involved with girls. It was clear as day, as if someone suddenly had switched on the sun. Within months I had a girlfriend, the first of […]

The End of Sex

January 29, 2017


Like them or not, the Feminists may have stumbled upon an important truth. Their principal argument for equality between the sexes is the claim that males and females have the same neurological makeup. Notwithstanding scientific evidence against male/female identity, Feminists may be right about equalism … but only in the future. Think about it: during […]

Which Way?

July 2, 2012


Here are a few public issues in the news where no solution really works: —Fire Zones: Should local zoning authorities forbid housing in areas of high fire danger? Lowlanders pay extra taxes to help protect hillside residents from wildfires, so maybe they should have a say. On the other hand, every such rule diminishes the […]