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The End of Sex

January 29, 2017


Like them or not, the Feminists may have stumbled upon an important truth. Their principal argument for equality between the sexes is the claim that males and females have the same neurological makeup. Notwithstanding scientific evidence against male/female identity, Feminists may be right about equalism … but only in the future. Think about it: during […]

If the Feminists Are Wrong, Do the Chauvinists Win?

April 23, 2015


Here’s a parlor game: count up the number of scientific discoveries hated by each side of the political spectrum. Currently the score is even. The Right rejects climate change while the Left despises GMO foods. Hard conservatives deny Evolution while extreme liberals deny … gender?  Feminists believe there’s no real difference between men and women’s minds and personalities. “Feminism is, of […]