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What Are Friends For? — a short story

April 2, 2017


“We need to talk.” “Uh, okay.” “I’m leaving.” “What, you’re moving?” “No. I’m leaving you.” “You’re leav— what? What do you mean? What did I do?” “Nothing. You’re fine. But I have to leave. I’ve … I’ve fallen in love with someone else.” “Someone else? Wait, don’t do this. Let’s talk about it.” “It’s over. […]

Why God Smiles — a short story

June 12, 2014


If God is Love, then He must be smiling. All the time. No matter what fate befalls you, no matter what distress, God’s benevolent smile beams down upon you. If you are happy, God is smiling. At death’s door? Enraged by the caprices of God’s universe? Regardless, his sunlike radiance pours its warmth onto you. […]

Onward, Fools, into the Future — a short story

April 24, 2014


The past is but the beginning of a beginning, and all that is or has been is but the twilight of the dawn. — H.G. Wells We think our civilization near its meridian, but we are yet only at the cock-crowing and the morning star. — Ralph Waldo Emerson I’ve a feeling we’re not in […]

I Wanted to Be a Jedi Master, But…

January 23, 2014


There’s a test you can take online where you answer a bunch of questions and then they tell you which “Star Wars” character you most resemble. I took the test. It asked questions like “What would you do if your friend got in trouble at a bar?” and you’d select from a set of multiple-choice […]

“Avatar” and Racism

July 15, 2013


When the film “Avatar” first opened, a lot of critics slammed it, claiming its plot amounted to liberal harping on racial insensitivities in American society. Then a distinguished journalist and science writer, Dr. Annalee Newitz, turned the tables on those reviewers by saying “Avatar” wasn’t liberal enough. In an online critique of the film, Dr. […]

The Warrior’s Song of Death — a short story

April 15, 2013


We dropped onto the retail mall’s parking lot from a silent anti-grav paratroop plane. My commanding officer hit the pavement first, then waved up at me, and I followed. The fall was eighty feet, and we had no chutes, but we were cyborgs, so the landing did us no damage. The tarmac got some dents […]

Paranoia — a love story

January 28, 2013


Since she returned from inside, I’m feeling much better. I think. She and I have been meeting like this, every weekend, for about two years now. She’ll cook dinner, then we move outside to her patio, where we drink wine and chat, enjoying the late-afternoon sun as it filters through the trees of her backyard, […]