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Stray Quippy

May 14, 2017


It’s easy to tell that our old friend Quippy has something important to say: he’ll show up at The JimBlog’s editorial offices, commandeer a computer, and start typing away, talons clicking furiously. We don’t object, partly on account of those talons and partly because Quippy always has interesting and pithy things to say about life […]

How to Pick a Political Party

July 12, 2012


Many of you are undecided, during this election season, about which political party to support. It’s understandable: things have gotten complicated over the past few years. As a public service, I’ve created a simple chart, below, to help you choose. First off, it’s important to pick one of the two main parties, the Democrats or […]

Famous Sayings 2.0

July 9, 2012


Epigrams, quotes, sayings — there are a zillion of them. Many are universally famous; often they were penned centuries ago and need no improvement. But how might they sound if they were written today? “A jug of Wine, a loaf of Bread — and Thou beside me singing in the Wilderness.” — Omar Khayyam Some […]