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God in the Eyes

December 23, 2018


Out of nothing I have created a strange new universe. — Janos Bolyai Is there a God? I have no idea. But if there is one, He (or She or It) ought to be really, really impressive. The standard God who watches the Game Board of the Universe and occasionally moves some of the pieces, is so … so … human. And that’s a […]

God Gets a Makeover — a short story

October 22, 2017


I was a stranger and you did not invite me in . . . — Matthew 25:43 “Have you met Jesus?” “Beg pardon?” “Have you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior?” “Um … it’s on my to-do list.” “I’m serious. There’s still time, you know.” “Until…?” “Until you’re judged.” “By…?” “By God. If you […]

Moral Crusade, Part 1

July 17, 2014


In conversation, an acquaintance asserted flat out that Islam is a bad thing. The former soldier contended that Muslims yearn to conquer the world. “What they’re doing is evil. I don’t consider them human. I think they should all be eliminated.”  Well, uh… Another member of our little discussion group declared that the U.S. must […]

Science, Philosophy, and Woo-Woo — Part 2

March 13, 2014


There’s no theology in science! There can’t be. Science is about finding the truth as it is, not as we wish it to be. Science is not about faith; it’s about facts. It’s the most powerful, objective, clear-headed means of discerning the facts that humans have yet invented.  Scientists are rightly proud of their achievements, […]

Does God Believe in Herself?

September 22, 2012


One of my blogging colleagues here at WordPress has written extensively about her quest to understand the nature of God and whether, in fact, God exists. Her words bespeak a sincere and open-hearted mind whose doubts perhaps give her some distress. In one essay, she asked readers to describe their views of God. My reply […]

A Lonely God

June 13, 2012


Why can’t people get along? You’d think that, with a bit of effort, everyone could be on good terms with everyone else, even people who disagree or have conflicts. You simply use your reason, avoid name-calling, be respectful, understand the other person’s wants and needs, and search for common ground on which to build. If […]