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The Art of Loneliness — a short story

January 14, 2018


Breaking up is hard to do. — Neil Sedaka “We need to talk.” “Uh-oh.” “I just can’t keep doing this.” “This what?” “This! Us!” “Sounds like you’re breaking up with me.” “Well … I guess that’s … Yes, that’s what I’m doing.” “Why?” “Because, I’ve told you, I get antsy. There are things in this […]

Buzz Kill — a short story

July 30, 2017


Nobody can hurt me without my permission. — Gandhi These days, every time I watch a TV drama where the hero hooks up with a young woman and they retire to a bedroom and start undressing and groping, inevitably — invariably — the guy asks, “Are you sure you want to do this?”  The young […]

Check Your Privilege — a short story

June 26, 2014


So I’m sitting in my favorite vaping lounge, puffing away, when an attractive young woman sits down across from me. I nod at her, smiling, then continue my conversation with the guy next to me. After awhile she starts talking about how she’s going on a two-week trip to Africa to bring medicines to the […]

Make Me Laugh — a short story

February 13, 2014


“Attractive dance instructor, age 53, seeks men age 45-60 for short-term dating / long-term dating / friendship. I love life, am adventurous, friendly and a good listener, and I’m told I have the sense of humor of a 16-year-old. Reply only if you think you can make me laugh.” Dear Attractive: Okay, so there I […]

Rabbit Hole — a short story

February 7, 2013


She saw him sitting near the fireplace. He was still wearing his bright-orange ski jacket and bib, dark curls peeking out from under a Dodger Blue cap, his bootied feet resting on a chair, hands cupping a wine glass as he stared into the fire. She wended her way past laughing, drinking apres-ski revelers, stood […]

Paranoia — a love story

January 28, 2013


Since she returned from inside, I’m feeling much better. I think. She and I have been meeting like this, every weekend, for about two years now. She’ll cook dinner, then we move outside to her patio, where we drink wine and chat, enjoying the late-afternoon sun as it filters through the trees of her backyard, […]

Hard Truths from the Urban Social World

November 29, 2012


In modern city life, friends and companions and work acquaintances are easily replaced. An ally today may become an enemy tomorrow, as other connections abound in the megalopolis. Yet we persist in imagining that our relationships still occur inside a small, ancestral village where everyone is basically on good terms and loyalty counts for a […]