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The Search for Status by Bags of Goo

June 4, 2017


We have developed a mania for regulating people. We forbid not only evil practices, but we are beginning to lay the restraining hand of law upon practices that are at the most of only doubtful character. — George Sutherland Established incumbents [in business] prefer regulations that take the form of predictable, upfront high fixed costs, […]

Government Is to Private as Arrest Is to Kidnapping

March 27, 2016


                                     The government is so out of control. It is so bloated and infested with fraud and deceit and corruption and abuse of power. — Ted Nugent If the government does it If private citizens do it taxation  […]

Let’s Ban Everything

December 6, 2015


An international group of scientists has called for what would, in effect, be a ban on making inheritable changes to the human genome, after the invention of a tool that allows researchers to spot a gene defect inside living cells and swap it out. — news item Sure, genetic tech might cure all diseases, but […]

It’s a Brave New World …

June 5, 2014


— It’s a brave new world when democracy is not about solving problems with our fellow citizens but about vanquishing them as an enemy. — It’s a brave new world when the felony rate drops but people think there’s a crime wave. — It’s a brave new world when cigarettes are banned and marijuana is […]

How to Make Things Worse

May 15, 2014


Let’s fix some big social problems!  First, let’s get rid of poverty. In 1950, the poverty rate was at 30%. By 1965, it had plummeted to 15%. Then we decided to eliminate poorness forever, and thus began the huge government War on Poverty. Fifty years later, the poverty rate is still stuck at 15%. That […]

Where Do the Oxen Go? — a short story

March 6, 2014


Once upon a time, a very long time ago, a chieftain walked along a shoreline and came upon a young man from his village. The young man, stick in hand, was scratching pictures into the sand. The chieftain asked, “What are you drawing?” The young man replied, “I’m inventing a new form of moving things […]

Science and Civil Rights

October 10, 2013


What if science somehow proved that freedom of speech caused more human suffering than it prevented? What if science somehow demonstrated that freedom of religion was bad for a society? Would we accept the judgment of science and repeal our own freedoms? In other words, is it possible for science to change our minds about […]