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Quippy the Grump

June 10, 2018


The only known member of the species Snarkius quippicus — we call him Quippy — always shows up at The JimBlog out of nowhere, unannounced. He tramps into the newsroom, plops down at a desk, commandeers a computer, and plinks out a page of copy. He then hands it to our editor and stomps off […]

Championships and Politics

January 28, 2018


Ever notice how championship teams usually come from the largest urban centers? In America since 1980 the NBA has been dominated by teams from Los Angeles (#2 in population), Houston (#4), San Antonio (#7), and — lately — Oakland, part of the huge San Francisco metro area (#5). In baseball since 1980, New York (#1), […]

Quippy on the Run

November 5, 2017


Are you listening? Are you LISTENING?!? … Of course not. — Quippy We received in the mail another set of Quippy’s irresistible political one-liners, and we’re proud to publish them here. Still, we asked him why he didn’t bring it into the office as he usually does. Quippy replied that he’s “traveling around the country […]

Quippy Goes to Washington

August 13, 2015


. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of the Conservatives is to prevent the mistakes from being corrected. — G.K. Chesterton . Tribalism is a holdover that doesn’t work well in modern nation-states. Still, we persist. But instead of stoning our enemies, we hurl legislation at them. In politics everyone […]

Politics in Reverse

January 29, 2015


War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength. — George Orwell These days it’s popular, especially among liberals, to consider libertarians as conservative wing-nuts. They argue that libertarian candidates have nothing new to offer, that their ideas are old-fashioned, outmoded 18th-century notions better suited to an agrarian age and long since supplanted by modern […]

Random Quips on the Folly of Politics

December 26, 2012


When people get angry, their pre-frontal lobes shut down; when people get drunk, the same thing happens. Yet in both situations people think they’re especially smart. This is why it’s dangerous to drive late on a Saturday night or discuss politics at any hour. The best thing about democracy is that politicians will do what […]