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July 2, 2017


Laugh, clown, so the crowd will cheer! Turn your distress and tears into jest, your pain and sobbing into a funny face. — Ruggero Leoncavallo Out of the blue, a friend played for me a famous piece of music, a tragic song about a man trapped in his own anguish. My friend felt deeply touched […]

Where Do the Oxen Go? — a short story

March 6, 2014


Once upon a time, a very long time ago, a chieftain walked along a shoreline and came upon a young man from his village. The young man, stick in hand, was scratching pictures into the sand. The chieftain asked, “What are you drawing?” The young man replied, “I’m inventing a new form of moving things […]

Make Me Laugh — a short story

February 13, 2014


“Attractive dance instructor, age 53, seeks men age 45-60 for short-term dating / long-term dating / friendship. I love life, am adventurous, friendly and a good listener, and I’m told I have the sense of humor of a 16-year-old. Reply only if you think you can make me laugh.” Dear Attractive: Okay, so there I […]

Tribes and Politics

September 26, 2013


For tens of thousands of years, humans lived in small tribal villages. They knew everyone in their world, all few hundred or so. Each hamlet shared the same language, religion, culture, genetics, cuisine. Anyone could talk to the chieftain and be heard. Everyone agreed on the basic rules, and conflicts were resolved within the group. […]

The Doubter’s Search for Meaning

July 11, 2013


A blogger writes: “I am obsessed with the meaning of life and in my search of truth I have not found much that is satisfying. . . . I feel that I’ve been chasing an invisible rabbit down a deep, deep hole. . . . We are all stuck in this same rat race of […]

Rabbit Hole — a short story

February 7, 2013


She saw him sitting near the fireplace. He was still wearing his bright-orange ski jacket and bib, dark curls peeking out from under a Dodger Blue cap, his bootied feet resting on a chair, hands cupping a wine glass as he stared into the fire. She wended her way past laughing, drinking apres-ski revelers, stood […]

Friends and Acquaintances and Urban Walls

January 21, 2013


            Something there is that doesn’t love a wall, / That wants it down. — Robert Frost In Southern California there’s a saying that the border between conservative Orange County and liberal Los Angeles County is “The Orange Curtain”. It sounds like The OC is a bulwark against rampaging Communism from […]