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Humor or Bullying?

January 6, 2019


I was chatting with a friend who was a bit tense over a possible love interest. Trying to get him to laugh, I made a raunchy comment about the woman — couched in terms that made fun of me, not her, but still risqué — and he got upset. Oops. Later he told me he […]

Science Terms, Re-Explained

March 13, 2016


Hey, Teach! I know what all those scientific words mean! Here, I’ll show you: Natural selection — buying organic food Imaginary numbers — answers students come up with in math class Geographic isolation — trapped in a room full of old nature magazines Quantum uncertainty — failure to remember the plot of a recent James […]


June 19, 2014


  — An epigram stretches the facts to get at the truth.   Biz Quippy — It’s not how hard you work; it’s how much the boss likes you. — It’s not how good you are; it’s how successful you are. — In business, a friendship can get you in the front door, but after […]

Onward, Fools, into the Future — a short story

April 24, 2014


The past is but the beginning of a beginning, and all that is or has been is but the twilight of the dawn. — H.G. Wells We think our civilization near its meridian, but we are yet only at the cock-crowing and the morning star. — Ralph Waldo Emerson I’ve a feeling we’re not in […]

When Someone Says …

April 10, 2014


When someone says, “To be perfectly frank” … you’re going to hear a whopper. When someone says, “Trust me” … check your wallet. When someone says, “I know what I’m doing” … he doesn’t. When someone says, “You’re being selfish!” … they want your stuff. When someone says, “Everybody knows that!” … they don’t. When someone […]

Make Me Laugh — a short story

February 13, 2014


“Attractive dance instructor, age 53, seeks men age 45-60 for short-term dating / long-term dating / friendship. I love life, am adventurous, friendly and a good listener, and I’m told I have the sense of humor of a 16-year-old. Reply only if you think you can make me laugh.” Dear Attractive: Okay, so there I […]

As to That, It Makes One Think

January 2, 2014


Don’t read this sentence. You may sometimes think you’re delusional, but you’re wrong. What’s the difference between a fish? Two hikers get lost on a mountain ridge. One pulls out a map, studies it, and says, “I know where we are.” The other asks, “Where?” The first hiker points to a nearby mountain. “See that […]

Cracking Wise at the Political Divide

October 3, 2013


In this time of perpetual political crisis, when discussions often become tense and angry, perhaps a bit of levity is in order. Therefore (and at the risk of alienating everyone I know), here are a few quips and cracks aimed at both sides of the debate . . . In America, conservatives think the purpose […]

Best TV Quotes

May 23, 2013


  Years ago, I posted on my website a page of great quotes from motion pictures. Readers chimed in with their own favorites, and pretty soon the page got really long. But that was fine: we were having fun. Since then, I’ve thought about adding a page of best TV quotes. Finally — to paraphrase […]

Puns in the News

August 20, 2012


(Hold your nose — here come a bunch of rank stinkers about current events . . . ) A reporter asked Obama’s vice president what it was like in office, and the veep shrugged, saying, “I’m just Biden my time.” Los Angeles experimented with storefront distribution of marijuana, but it all went to pot. They […]

Funeral as Metaphor

February 25, 2011


Some things we wish would last forever. That perfect summer vacation. The new car. A moment of victory. Some people we wish would live forever. Our parents. Our spouses and children. Our friends. Our favorite actors or leaders. Our favorite teachers. When these people or moments go, they leave behind a vacant place in our […]