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The Ticket — a short story

May 28, 2018


“You are exceeding the speed limit.” “I’m late for work.” “The posted speed limit for this highway is sixty-five miles per hour. You are driving at seventy-three miles per hour, eight miles over the limit. If you persist, I am required by law to issue you a ticket.” “Don’t you dare, Car! You belong to […]

Things to Come

December 19, 2013


Over time we’ve gotten used to jet airliners, car stereos, microwave ovens, trash compacters, the Internet, flat-screen TVs, smartphones, endless Kardashian weddings, and twerking. What can we look forward to in our future that might seem like absurd pipe dreams today? Let’s brainstorm. • We’ll order our groceries online and they’ll arrive at our doorstep […]

Future Works

March 19, 2012


Random thoughts on techno-wizardry that may appear over the next ten years: End of the PC: Back in the day, when it introduced the point-and-click interface to computers, Apple owned the technology outright (bought from Xerox), but Microsoft basically stole it and made it available to manufacturers, who quickly overwhelmed Apple’s product. The courts sided […]