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Things We Get Wrong

February 12, 2017


People are irrational and their decisions are based on emotion, influence, and random variables. Reason is mostly an illusion. — Scott Adams My group is always right — We evolved as tribal villagers, living in groups that hardly changed over the generations. We depended on those people, couldn’t live without them. Outsiders — strangers from faraway — […]

This Just In: Businesses Don’t Create Jobs

October 30, 2014


Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. — George Santayana It’s a commonplace that many Right-wingers are closet racists, still clinging to outdated attitudes about people of color. Not so common is the notion that many on the Left are closet socialists, still clinging to disastrous models of economic development. In 2012, […]

Natural Allies

February 28, 2013


Women and men make natural allies. Their strengths prop each other up at the weak points. Yet we often think we’re in a “Battle of the Sexes”, where each side thinks the other is somehow bad or wrong and must be outplayed. He doesn’t merely love cars and sports; he “won’t communicate”. She doesn’t simply […]