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How to Spill the Beans

May 20, 2018


Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead. — Benjamin Franklin A friend asks, “How’s your new job?” You reply, “It’s okay.” “It’s not great?” “Well, there’s a lot of politics. I have to be careful.” You friend nods. “I know the drill. Is it one person against you, or just the […]

The Warrior’s Song of Death — a short story

April 15, 2013


We dropped onto the retail mall’s parking lot from a silent anti-grav paratroop plane. My commanding officer hit the pavement first, then waved up at me, and I followed. The fall was eighty feet, and we had no chutes, but we were cyborgs, so the landing did us no damage. The tarmac got some dents […]

Hard Truths from the Urban Social World

November 29, 2012


In modern city life, friends and companions and work acquaintances are easily replaced. An ally today may become an enemy tomorrow, as other connections abound in the megalopolis. Yet we persist in imagining that our relationships still occur inside a small, ancestral village where everyone is basically on good terms and loyalty counts for a […]

Quips and Cracks about Society

March 29, 2012


More fun with epigrams! First, a collection of pleasantly sarcastic snipes about humans and their foibles: People and Friends: –In the flux of urban life, friendships are under constant stress, but it’s easy to meet new people, so friends become disposable. –Just because some people are charming doesn’t mean they’re nice; this is especially true […]