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The Perfect Face — a short story

October 28, 2018


Where there is perfection there is no story to tell. — Ben Okri “Hey, sweetie, long time! Glad you could make it.” “Thanks for inviting me. How long has it been?” “Since college.” “That long? Well, it’s great to see you in person, not just on Facebook. And you look beautiful.” “Thank you. Getting enough […]

Bucks Up — a short story

November 12, 2017


    “Good to see you. It’s been too long. What you been up to?” He sipped his drink. “Oh, not much. Same old same old.” “Writing?” “A little. Mostly just enjoying retirement.” “Nice to be bucks up.” He shook his head. “I was up for a time, but I kinda burned through most of […]

The Transporter Problem

October 1, 2017


There’s no assurance that by copying every last thing in your brain, you’re going to wake up and say, ‘Here I am!’ You wouldn’t wake up inside the computer — you’d just be dead. — Michael Shermer The Star Trek transporter doesn’t move you around; it kills you and replaces you with a perfect copy. […]

Searching for the Up Escalator

February 28, 2016


Remember when you were a kid in a department store and, on a dare, you ran up the down escalator? Like swimming against the current, it took the wind out of you as you tried to climb more stairs than were coming toward you. You neared the top, sensing victory, when a group of shoppers stepped […]

A Gift of Wildness

December 20, 2015


It’s almost irresistible to extract meaning from nighttime dreams. So clearly can they reflect our waking lives! They seem to speak to us from deep within, offering advice, ideas, even warnings. A dream about sex might signal loneliness, while one about money could make conscious a dawning sense of opportunity. Sometimes we’re even jolted awake […]

The Scientists’ Superstition

June 25, 2015


Mind and matter alike, I should say, are only convenient symbols in discourse, not actually existing things. — Bertrand Russell (Let’s take a jump down the rabbit hole. I promise I’ll have you back on the surface in just a few minutes. Until then, enjoy a short intellectual adventure.) Years ago, a magazine printed a […]

The Dark Side of Righteousness

June 17, 2015


Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one. — Friedrich Nietzsche Most of us want to be good people. And most around the world share similar ideas about moral behavior: no stealing, no hitting, work hard, respect the family, help the unfortunate. But there’s a dark side to moral behavior, a side that […]