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Crack, Boom

November 8, 2015


photos ¬© Jim Hull It is well that war is so terrible, otherwise we should grow too fond of it. — Robert E. Lee There is something darkly enticing about guns. To men, at least. Something atavistic. The sharp report, the kick of the weapon, the sudden explosion of violent power across a distance. The […]

I Wanted to Be a Jedi Master, But…

January 23, 2014


There’s a test you can take online where you answer a bunch of questions and then they tell you which “Star Wars” character you most resemble. I took the test. It asked questions like “What would you do if your friend got in trouble at a bar?” and you’d select from a set of multiple-choice […]

Interview with the Blogger

September 16, 2013


Who is this “Jim Hull” guy, anyway? Well, for starters, your friendly blogger has some ebooks for sale all over the place, like at Amazon and¬†Smashwords. At Smashwords, they offer a chance for authors to interview themselves. Tempted by this exercise in narcissism, I warmed nicely to the task, and here is what I came […]

“Avatar” and Racism

July 15, 2013


When the film “Avatar” first opened, a lot of critics slammed it, claiming its plot amounted to liberal harping on racial insensitivities in American society. Then a distinguished journalist and science writer, Dr. Annalee Newitz, turned the tables on those reviewers by saying “Avatar” wasn’t liberal enough. In an online critique of the film, Dr. […]

Best TV Quotes

May 23, 2013


Years ago, I posted on my website a page of great quotes from motion pictures. Readers chimed in with their own favorites, and pretty soon the page got really long. But that was fine: we were having fun. Since then, I’ve thought about adding a page of best TV quotes. Finally — to paraphrase TV’s […]

Law Porn

April 22, 2013


I’m a bit of a film buff, but I’m picky: I like movies that appeal to my interests and are well made. Porn fits one of those criteria but not the other. Finished guessing which? Pencils down! Answer: they’re poorly produced. The acting usually sucks. (Pardon the pun.) The sets and lighting are substandard. And […]

Angry Sky — a short story

January 24, 2013


The setting sun’s light streaked across the Plains under a dark wall of roiling clouds, to shine on curtains of rain and make a triple rainbow. Lightning scorched the clouds, the electric streaks like something out of a monster movie. His camera captured the moment perfectly. The gigapixel sensor recorded every photon of the stunning […]