Needed to Risk More — a short story

Posted on 2018 February 25


"needed to risk more" skier.png

I had spent most of my youth attempting to gain my dad’s acceptance, when in reality nothing I could do would ever be enough. — Cory Cyr


“Daddy, it’s me! I did it! I medaled!”

“Yes, honey, you did.”

“Did you see it?”

“Yes, on TV.”

“You weren’t in the stands?”

“My bursitis kicked up.”

“I’m sorry. You okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine.”

“Good. Anyway, on the podium I thought of you.”

“Did you.”

“You don’t sound very happy.”

“I’m fine.”

“Aren’t you proud of me, Daddy? I did it for you.”

“What color is the medal?”

“Bronze. I almost had silver, but—”

“It reminds me of something Buddy Werner used to say. He said there’s two places in the race, first and last, and I only want one of them.”

“Daddy, I skied my butt off. I’m always there for the win.”

“Honey, listen. You need to risk more.”


“And you need to erase all fear when you ski.”

“Daddy, you know I’m not scared of the speed. Look at my injuries—”

“Today there was another young lady at the top of the podium where you should have been. But you can do better in the event tomorrow. I’m sure you can win it. Make me proud.”

“Oh, I will, Daddy!”


“They’re calling for me. Gotta go. Love you!”



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