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In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule. — Friedrich Nietzsche

So there he stands inside the White House late one evening, President of the United States Donald Trump, typing out one of his patented short messages on the online service Twitter. His thumbs struggle to connect with those tiny dots the smartphone venders optimistically call a keyboard. He gets this far:

“Despite the constant negative press covfefe”

An aide interrupts him with an urgent matter. Trump pockets his phone and deals with the new situation.

Hours later, another aide approaches the president tremulously: “Sir, the news services are reporting a tweet you sent at midnight? And it apparently doesn’t make sense?” Soon they figure out that Trump must have accidentally butt-tweeted the message before it was ready to send.

But it’s too late. The press and Twittersphere are having a field day. Trump’s inadvertent tweet becomes one of the most talked-about messages of the year. People speculate on the meaning of “covfefe”: guesses range from the befuddled to the sarcastic. Everyone’s having a blast.

Finally Trump removes the tweet and replaces it with:

“Who can figure out the true meaning of ‘covfefe’ ??? Enjoy!”

This sends the Web into paroxysms. People go nuts trying to figure out what Trump is up to. Maybe he had goofed up at first, but his new tweet makes things even more obscure.

The chief theory is that Trump had meant to write about “negative press coverage” but scrambled the letters. Still, if it was a simple goof, what had Trump planned to say next?? “Despite negative press coverage of fake news, the truth comes out”? Maybe “covfefe” is now a portmanteau of “coverage” and “fake news”? Coverage-fake-fake?

It’s a mystery.

Left-leaning pundits were quick to conclude this was yet more proof that the president is a moron. One columnist for a major news agency compared the tweet to President Reagan’s offhand joke during a radio sound check, “We begin bombing in five minutes,” a private wisecrack that got reported and alarmed the world, especially the Russians (who, you know, have nukes). Thus, “covfefe” was tantamount to a national crisis.

It’s safe to wager that most Americans get it that the tweet was an accident — there but for God and our thumbs go the rest of us — but Democrats are eager to believe it’s simply another incident that shows Trump is mentally unable to perform his duties.

You don’t have to like Trump. But, people! The guy became president, fer gossakes. That’s super-hard to do if he’s stupid or insane. A candidate can get elected even though quirky or obsessed or venal or power-hungry, and he — or, say, Hillary — could even win by appealing to sentiments that you, Dear Voter, might *gasp* despise. But this doesn’t make the candidate insane or an idiot.

And that is the true meaning of “covfefe”: the tendency of the offended Left to underrate their opponent in the White House. The longer they persist in whining about how Trump’s eccentricities prove his incompetence, the longer they’ll sit on their hands while Trump jumps forward with his agenda.

All that the Left seems able to hope for is impeachment. Impeachment? Granted, weirder things have happened. But just in case that doesn’t work out, Democrats might want to do some real strategizing on the assumption that Trump and his people are actually smart.

…By the way: just how do you pronounce “covfefe”?  cove-FEE-FEE?  cuh-FEEF?




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