The End of Sex

Posted on 2017 January 29


%22the-end-of-sex%22-blue_girl_full"the end of sex" blue_girl_full.png

Like them or not, the Feminists may have stumbled upon an important truth. Their principal argument for equality between the sexes is the claim that males and females have the same neurological makeup. Notwithstanding scientific evidence against male/female identity, Feminists may be right about equalism … but only in the future.

Think about it: during the Agrarian Age, children were an asset on the family farm, but in the Industrial and Information Ages, kids have become a huge expense. In the West, babies today survive to adulthood almost without fail, which further militates against extra pregnancies. Meanwhile, mothers have entered the workforce in droves while their few offspring are watched over by the school system. In short, offspring are less important these days.

Test-tube babies foretell a world where people will submit skin swabs for processing into artificial conception, the fetuses developing in gestation spheres. The entire procedure, from conception to birth, would be automated, distinct from and entirely painless to the woman’s body — who, freed from the nausea and bloating and birth agonies, no longer would need wide hips or — with advances in baby formula — breasts.

Of course, males wouldn’t need penises; given enough evolutionary time, eventually we’d all squat to pee. Modern urban life doesn’t put physical demands on bodies anymore, so men’s muscularity could safely atrophy. For that matter, given high-tech, sexless reproduction, there’d be no point in having beards or body hair. In fact, there’d be no reason to distinguish between male and female.

We could still love, and even cuddle, but merely as friends or parents, sleeping at night draped over each other like kittens.

With no further need for sex differences, there’s a fair chance we’d evolve into a species whose adults resemble ten-year-old girls.

But at least we’d all have equal intelligence — in fact, no differences at all to argue over. And then the Feminists would win the day.