Quippy the Gadfly

Posted on 2016 July 3


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Politics, as a practice, whatever its professions, has always been the systematic organization of hatreds. — Henry Adams

Politics is a bloodless form of civil war.

Political power is wielded, not by people who are good, but by people who are good at obtaining power.

Everyone who speaks in public has an ulterior motive — usually it’s to make the listener believe what the speaker wants them to believe. What the speaker really believes is irrelevant.

Let’s say the topic was politics. And let’s say you were having a discussion. But I contradict myself. (Apologies to Mark Twain)

Nobody discusses politics — instead, they use words as weapons. “Political discussion” is an oxymoron.

College students argue for trigger warnings on discussion topics such as sex, addiction, bullying, suicide, eating disorders, and politics. But these topics are the trigger warnings!

After elections, those who win complain about their opponents, while those who lose complain about the rules.

To the Right, government is a bulwark against invasion. To the Left, government is a bulwark against the Right.

In America, the Right despises liberals as weirdos who threaten the nice clean culture so carefully nurtured by conservatives, while the Left despises conservatives because they have wealth they can’t possibly deserve. No wonder they don’t get each other.

The Far Left holds the paranoid belief that the Right got rich simply by stealing from the rest of us and should give it back. It’s a convenient theory, as it entitles the Left to free cash outlays via forced taxation. It’s also the moral viewpoint of an armed robber: “My life sucks. It must be your fault. Give me your money or I’ll shoot.”

(You wouldn’t give control over police to a vengeful child. Yet repeatedly we elect left-wingers to office.)

The Hard Right holds the rather self-serving view that America was made for White Protestants; this ignores fellow citizens from places other than Northern Europe, people who have done much to make America bountiful. (Fajitas, anyone?)

If the Left insists on the correctness of science, especially on climate change and the Theory of Evolution, they must also accept the research on GMOs, genetic variation between peoples, the benefits of free trade, and the drawbacks of minimum wage laws.

The Right believes life is so ingenious, it must have been created by God. Someone please explain that to my nearsightedness, bad back and enlarged prostate.

Everyone’s ancestry is tribal: we’re all born racist and communist. In the high-tech urban age — when we need to be open minded and trade oriented — the Left is pretty good at getting past the racism, while the Right is pretty good at getting past the communism.

Some assert that the rich are wicked; others, that the poor are incompetent. That pretty much sums up politics.