Second-Hand Weed

Posted on 2016 May 30


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In America, first there was alcohol. It was legal. Then it was forbidden. Then it was legal again.

Next, there was marijuana. It was legal. Then it was forbidden. Now it’s becoming legal again.

And of course there’s tobacco. Legal for centuries, now it’s frowned on, restricted, heavily taxed and regulated, and fast on its way to becoming unlawful altogether.

Basically you could get arrested for inhaling cannabis but it was fine to smoke tobacco, and soon it’ll be the other way around. It’s almost like a change in fads: short hair, then long hair; no beards, then beards; short skirts, then long skirts; tobacco, then weed.

Now, I don’t give a hoot what people consume, as long as they don’t get so fried as to cause traffic accidents. But research suggests there are health problems for weed tokers, who may suffer — like their cigarette-smoking brethren — from lung problems.

So here’s the question: How long will it take for groups to launch major campaigns against second-hand marijuana smoke, on the grounds that it poses a health risk to bystanders?

Only the future will tell. After all, it’s hard to predict changes in fashion.