How Progressivism Works — a short story

Posted on 2015 October 4


%22how progressivism works...%22 hand-offer

Mommy!! Johnny has too much money! Make him give me some!” 

“But you have an allowance, dear.” 

“It’s not enough! Johnny has more.” 

“Honey, your brother is older than you, and now he has a paper route and a part-time job cleaning up at the restaurant. He’s saving for a surfboard.” 

“But he shouldn’t have more than me! It’s not fair. He should help me!” 

“Darling, when you get older you’ll have a job, too. And you’ll make plenty of money.” 

“No I WON’T!! I’m a girl. Daddy says girls don’t make as much money.” 



“Johnny! Johnny, come here.” 

“Yes, Mom?” 

“Johnny, maybe it would be good if you gave your sister a small amount of money. Just to help out. Just to be a good brother.” 

“Aw, Mom!! I’m saving up! You know that.” 

“Just give her five dollars. You can spare it. She’s your little sister. She can’t do much for herself. She needs it.” 

“She needs a hole in the head—” 

“Johnny! Be respectful. Give her the money.” 

“Aw, man… Okay, here.” 

“Five dollars! Whoopee!! I can get candy!” 

“Wait, dear! Come back and thank your brother— Oh, well. Anyway, thank you, Johnny… What? What’s the matter?” 

“Next week she’ll want ten.”


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