Supremacists vs. the World

Posted on 2015 September 27


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The general pattern I see with nationalists of any race is that they have foregone self improvement and hard work in favor of playing the societal victim. — Roosh

You would think that, in a thoroughly progressive nation like America, there would no longer be much in the way of overt racism, especially the White Supremacy variety. Yet it’s easy to find, especially online, as it boldly proclaims its anti-black, anti-immigrant credo.

The idea is that northern European white men — mainly German, but also English, Scottish, and Scandinavian — brought the true benefits of civilization to the world, and now other races threaten to overthrow this Golden Age and replace it with a lesser culture rife with barbarism, violence, and poverty.

Okay, but if whites are superior to, say, blacks — in intelligence, income, and sheer numbers — why should whites need to worry? “Because whites are abandoning their strengths and foolishly destroying themselves!” Wait a minute. Either they’re great, and therefore strong and resilient, or they’re not. Maybe they used to be the best, but today … not so much?

Imagine if someone said to you, “No, really, my friend here is a terrific person! He was student body president, went to college, got a great job. Well, sure, he’s turned into a drunk, and he played around on his wife, and he beat up a stranger at a bar, and he spent the last four months in jail for fraud, and nobody trusts him. But he’s wonderful on the inside!!

Sometimes I pretend I’m an anthropologist from Mars. As such, I can’t find an obvious moral reason to condemn racists of any stripe — White, Black, Asian, Native American, etc etc — because humans (and their DNA) constantly compete among themselves for dominance. Back in the day, racism was the smart attitude, so much so that it got encoded in our genes. After all, a stranger to your village — different language, different skin color, different clothes and attitudes — could bring disease or disruption, or signal an army to attack. Better to kill him than tolerate him.

Today we’re crammed into giant cities, where races and cultures and languages have smashed together and fractured and split, and it’s hard to tell who’s on which side. It’s a different world, yet we still respond with the innate suspicions of our ancestors. Racism lurks in our hearts, and no one has found the Off switch.

Meanwhile, political parties and nations and religions also compete for supremacy. Unions battle management; Democrats fight Republicans; Muslims contest with Christians; the Yankees play the Red Sox. It’s considered okay to be anti-business or anti-union or anti-Russia or anti-Islamic or anti-Democrat. Sometimes it gets violent, but we condone this when it’s our religion at stake, or our country or even our personal honor. But it’s not okay to take that attitude into an encounter between people of different genetic backgrounds. Seems a bit arbitrary — to a Martian scientist, that is. 

The evolutionary competition between groups of DNA never ends. Natural Selection is continuous. What used to work — isolated races and cultures — may no longer confer an advantage to a given gene pool. But Life will find a way, and new types of human — better adapted to our modern urban world — may out-compete the old ones. Time will tell.

But let’s pretend for a moment that racism is perfectly legitimate and appropriate. Then let’s take the basic concept of White Supremacy — that Caucasians are better than everyone else — and see how it holds up to scrutiny.

• White Europeans conquered the world and colonized most of it for several centuries. As a Balkanized continent, Europe was constantly beset by warfare, which promoted rapid development of military weaponry and strategy and tactics. Europeans emerged from a long, poverty-stricken Middle Ages, to find themselves the only peoples with the wherewithal to go out and invade other lands. Their chief competition at the time, China — the tech leader of the 1400s and earliest to explore other continents — underwent an imperial coup, and the winners promptly forbade the losers (and all Chinese) from engaging in overseas trade. Big mistake, as it later put them into the position of colonized instead of colonizers. Europeans thus benefitted from constant internal warfare and sheer political luck.

• White Europeans generally brutalized their colonial subjects, wiping out millions with war and disease. This does not put Caucasians in a good light.

• White Europeans slaughtered themselves to the tune of some ninety million souls during the two World Wars. In the competition for racial greatness, this is not a high watermark.

• White Europeans later tossed many of their traditions onto the funeral pyre of Progressivism, so that today — despite magnificent improvements in technology and resource development — Europeans continue to make a hash of their cultures, economies, trade and immigration. White America is not far behind. *sigh*

• In worldwide studies of intelligence, Europeans — including the northern variety favored by supremacists — produce decidedly mediocre IQ scores. East Asians are generally several points smarter.

• Germans (the lynchpin of White superiority) during WWII massacred nearly all their Jewish population — the national group with far and away the highest average IQ — while the escapees came to America and helped the U.S. defeat the Nazis. Had Hitler left his Jewish population in place and, instead, simply focused on his main project of resurrecting overall German national pride, the Jews would have stayed in place and provided their expertise to his war effort. Instead of being condemned by history as a monster, Hitler would now be remembered as the Napoleon of Germany. And, who knows? He might have won the war. (Imagine Einstein urging Der Führer to fund a crash program to counter the American A-bomb effort.) But no.

• In Europe and America, immigration and changes in social mores have diluted the cultures and races. As supremacists would put it, we’ve “mongrelized” ourselves. So there really isn’t a pure White race anymore. It’s evanescing, like a once-powerful thunderhead after a storm. 

Let’s review: Whites have made a hash of the world, a hash of their own cultures, generally possess mediocre intellects, and have become genetically diluted. Though for a time the most powerful and envied race, they’ve not been a particularly shining one. Far from a golden City on a Hill, the white race and culture today appear more like a foundering vessel. Maybe it’s time to abandon ship.

But how? Smart individuals will reckon that the way forward, in this confusing, mixed-up modern era, is to look for new options. Besides, if the white race has become too foolish to value your ideas and advice, go find people who appreciate you.

First, I suggest to white males — who may be searching for ways to increase the genetic odds for their offspring — that they out-breed … with East Asians. The resulting children will benefit from hybrid vigor: they’ll be healthy and beautiful, not to mention smarter than average. Besides, Asian women are raised to be subservient. What’s not to like?

Second, if you need a group to identify with, why not choose rich people? Of course, you’ll have to work your butt off to join them. But once you do, you’ll belong to a clan that always will exist, always will be an elite, and always will contend with millions of resentful poor people. It’ll be like a bar fight that never ends. Think of the fun!

So if you’re a supremacist and want a better future, don’t waste your time with those mediocre whites. Focus instead on building your own financial strength, and then join other successful people to defend it. In the process, maybe you’ll build something worthwhile for the world that you can be proud of.

As for family: if you’re bold, you can take the plunge and, instead of an East Asian, marry a Jew! Think about it: they’re familiar with Western culture. They’re really smart.

…And everybody knows they’re good with money.