It’s a Crazy World

Posted on 2015 June 11


%22it's a crazy world%22

We never expected…

…that the Arab Spring would make people worse off.

…that a pope would resign … and an Argentine replace him.

…that Chinese Communists would choose the next religious leader of Tibet.

…that Saudi Arabia would “Rock the Casbah” by bombing its own ally.

…that Irish law would force Catholic bakers to prepare cakes for gay weddings.

…that a Caliphate would deliberately destroy its own archeological heritage.

…that Republicans would support big government.

…that a Black would become president … and then find himself unpopular with his own voting bloc.

…that an American political movement would try to strip Israel of its investors.

…that margarine would be touted for improving health, then condemned for worsening it.

…that marijuana would be publicly promoted and cigarettes banned.

…that our world-changing smartphones would rarely be used for making calls.

…that a huge corporation would be named “Google”.

…that someone would earn billions by opening a chat room.

…that the Encyclopaedia Britannica would cease printing.

…that an airliner would completely disappear.

…that we would invent cars that will follow us around our neighborhoods like pets, waiting for us to need them.

…that a single painting would sell for $179 million.

…that a rock star would be worth $1 billion.

…that baseball umpires would use electronic replay to second-guess themselves.

…that viewers would switch from a Lakers game to a Clippers game.

…or that American Idol would ever come to an end.