The Moral Arc of Politics

Posted on 2015 March 11


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More than any other it is the Classical Liberal worldview grounded in reason and science that is bringing about moral progress—even when politics get in the way. — Michael Shermer, PhD

— It’s considered a virtue to vote to force others to behave. This is called democracy.

— In the United States, the original purpose of democracy was to protect freedom, but in most western countries the purpose of freedom is to protect democracy.

— In the past, people believed the source of a nation’s strength was its people; today, we believe the source is the government.

— Trying to tame and harness the dangerous power of government is like saying, “It’s good to have a little bit of cancer.”

— Politics doesn’t make things better; it merely refines the way we fight each other.

— There is a big difference between justice and revenge.

— It’s not that humans originally have natural rights; it’s that governments originally have none.

— The moral difference between socialism and free markets is that capitalists can tolerate socialist enclaves but socialists can’t tolerate free enterprise.

— When we regulate the fat cats, we think we’re controlling them, but instead we’re merely making it too expensive for their smaller competitors, so the fat cats grow fatter.

— The West feels defensive about Middle East militancy. But we forget that, as believers in Democracy and Progressivism, we too support a crusading philosophy that seeks to conquer the world.

— If a government distrusts its own citizens, it is not legitimate.

— The Right preaches open markets and closed societies; the Left preaches open societies and closed markets.

— The Left wants equality; the Right wants purity.

— Both Left and Right, each in its own way, wish to return us to the moral universe of a small village. There, ethics and material outcomes alike were homogenized.

— For both Left and Right, the perfect moral conundrum is a gay billionaire.


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Politics is a machine that turns good people and good ideas into bad ones, and turns bad people and bad ideas into worse ones. — Sarah Skwire


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