Does God Believe in Herself?

Posted on 2012 September 22


One of my blogging colleagues here at WordPress has written extensively about her quest to understand the nature of God and whether, in fact, God exists. Her words bespeak a sincere and open-hearted mind whose doubts perhaps give her some distress.

In one essay, she asked readers to describe their views of God. My reply is given below. Before you read it, please know that I do not wish to insult or demean anyone’s cherished religious beliefs. If, nonetheless, you feel disrespected by my playful words, I hope you’ll accept my apology and know that my intent is to amuse, not to insult, to tickle rather than slap. That said, enjoy!

God looks out at the universe through everyone’s eyes. God knows everything, yet is ignorant about everything (as no God worthy of the title would merely be omniscient), and so is filled with wonder.

Sometimes God ponders whether She exists at all. In fact, now and then She is obsessed by the question, hoping for certainty, yet without ever finding a satisfactory answer, for the simple reason that certainty and uncertainty go together like light and dark. And so She becomes agnostic about herself, all the while still manifesting the universe through the awarenesses of us all.

Uncertainty and doubt aren’t problems to be solved; they’re powerful perspectives in their own right.

Why is this quest so compelling? True, it’s fascinating to think about, and the question itself can enlarge our viewpoints. But endless speculation becomes an obsession, and suddenly we are Captain Ahab, sailing in search of the White Whale. Adrift, we seek any port in a storm, making out reefs to be docks, and we founder on our fears.

The larger issues, then, are: “Why do I have to know?” and “Can I live with doubt?” These are queries worthy of a Creator.