Just What, Exactly, Is a Libertarian?

Posted on 2011 August 19


A lot of my liberal acquaintances think I’m a conservative. I’m not — how many right-wingers want to legalize marijuana and gay marriage? How many oppose the Mid-East wars? How many want to liberalize immigration? — but I can never convince liberals I’m not the enemy, because I also favor reducing taxes and business regulations. It doesn’t matter that I deplore privileged treatment handed out to the highest bidders in D.C.; liberals are certain I’m a running dog of capitalist bastards.

I’m for freedom for everybody, not just the people I like. I find it painful to watch others campaign for laws that restrict people merely because they’re offended by those people. And there are a lot more laws due to that than you might think.

I’ve blogged about this with mixed results, but now I’ve found somebody who can explain my beliefs almost better than I can (if you can imagine such a thing). Check him out; maybe you’ll find his ideas refreshing.


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