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The Scientists’ Superstition

June 25, 2015


%22the scientists' superstition%22 scientist_in_lab

Mind and matter alike, I should say, are only convenient symbols in discourse, not actually existing things. — Bertrand Russell (Let’s take a jump down the rabbit hole. I promise I’ll have you back on the surface in just a few minutes. Until then, enjoy a short intellectual adventure.) Years ago, a magazine printed a […]

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The Dark Side of Righteousness

June 17, 2015


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Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one. — Friedrich Nietzsche Most of us want to be good people. And most around the world share similar ideas about moral behavior: no stealing, no hitting, work hard, respect the family, help the unfortunate. But there’s a dark side to moral behavior, a side that […]

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It’s a Crazy World

June 11, 2015


%22it's a crazy world%22

We never expected… …that the Arab Spring would make people worse off. …that a pope would resign … and an Argentine replace him. …that Chinese Communists would choose the next religious leader of Tibet. …that Saudi Arabia would “Rock the Casbah” by bombing its own ally. …that Irish law would force Catholic bakers to prepare […]

You’re a Progressive — a short story

June 4, 2015


%22you're a progressive%22 tweedles

It’s fun talking politics with you, my friend, but I simply have to make an observation. You think you’re a conservative, but you’re not. You’re a full-blown Progressive: welfare state, semi-socialist, Social Justice, the whole kit and kaboodle. “What the hell are you talking about?!? I am not a Progressive!” Yeah, you are. For example, […]

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Quippy’s Dictionary of Political Code Words

May 28, 2015


(NOTE: “L” = Left, “R” = Right) L  “The science is settled” = “We can’t stand any dissent” R  “Obama wasn’t born in America” = “We hate having a Black president” L  “Women are the same as men” = “Women are better than men” R  “Abortions are wrong” = “Women should stay in the kitchen” […]

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Racism and the City

May 21, 2015


%22racism and the city%22 normal_Columbus_lands_at_San_Salvador_Oct_12_1492

Sometimes I get these really odd ideas that are so confronting, they manage to tick off nearly everyone. I’ve got one of them now. It’s about racism. By the time I’ve explained it, almost every reader on both Left and Right will have turned away in disgust. And for opposite reasons. (I know, I know — it’s […]

The Prophet and the Bully — a short story

May 14, 2015



“So there was this bully, back in middle school.” The young man lay in a hospital bed, one arm in a sling. Two reporters sat on a nearby bed and took notes. The photographer had already left. A nurse hovered in the background. “And the bully had a gang of true believers. The bully also had […]


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