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Progressives Are Eating Their Own

November 22, 2015


%22the left is eating its own%22 Francisco_de_Goya,_Saturno_devorando_a_su_hijo_(1819-1823)-1

If you have always believed that everyone should play by the same rules and be judged by the same standards, that would have gotten you labeled a radical 60 years ago, a liberal 30 years ago and a racist today. — Thomas Sowell A friend passes along this comment from a journalism professor. “Twenty years […]

Micro-Aggression — a short story

November 15, 2015


%22micro-aggression%22 FEN_Bad_hair_day

As progress is made toward a more equal and humane society, it takes a smaller and smaller offense to trigger a high level of outrage. — Bradley Campbell & Jason Manning “May I sit here? It’s kinda crowded in this coffee shop.” “Sure.” “Thanks. Nice dress you’re wearing. It hangs well on you.” “Um, I’m […]

Crack, Boom

November 8, 2015


photo © Jim Hull

photos © Jim Hull It is well that war is so terrible, otherwise we should grow too fond of it. — Robert E. Lee There is something darkly enticing about guns. To men, at least. Something atavistic. The sharp report, the kick of the weapon, the sudden explosion of violent power across a distance. The […]

Disloyal — a short story

November 1, 2015


%22disloyal%22 police-brutality

In war-time, the word patriotism means suppression of truth. — Siegfried Sassoon “This place has great draft beer.” “You got that right.” “Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes. All these wars! It seems like we’re fighting everyone.” “The price of freedom.” “What, to barge in and push other countries around? Why can’t they settle their […]

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A Scorpion in My Kitchen

October 24, 2015


%22a scorpion in my kitchen%22 scorpion_2

A Scorpion in My Kitchen! What a wonderful title for a groundbreaking essay on poisons in our food or the dangers of cooking or illicit intrusions into our private spaces.  Except there really is a scorpion in my kitchen!  I had dropped something small on the kitchen floor — a vitamin pill, I think — […]

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Quippy on a Roll

October 17, 2015


%22quippy on a roll%22 adam-lowe-Three-Emotions-of-Cartoon-3

PolitiQuippy:  When petty disputes — trigger words, plastic bags, cigarette butts — cast long shadows, it’s a sure sign the sun is setting.  We send armies to bring freedom to other people … and kill anyone who resists.   We make a virtue of “changing the world”, but what we mean is “forcing it to […]

Golden Goose — a short story

October 11, 2015


%22golden goose%22 oca-gris

Heat shimmered above the asphalt. Oaks lined the street, offering shade but not much relief. It was high summer in the small town nestled between horse ranches and rolling hills a few miles from the central California coast.  Peter enjoyed the blazing sun on his back and neck. But his dog was beginning to struggle, […]


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