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Moral Crusade, Part 2

March 26, 2015


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[Continued from “Moral Crusade, Part 1”] It is a truism that almost any sect, cult, or religion will legislate its creed into law if it acquires the political power to do so. — Robert A. Heinlein America’s founders began their revolt with the Declaration of Independence, which declared that “all men are created equal, that they […]

To Prevent Something Worse

March 18, 2015



Most of the time we do good things, like working to earn money, or cooking dinner to eat, or playing a sport to have fun, or sleeping to refresh ourselves. Now and then, however, we will do something bad to prevent something worse. We let doctors cut us with knives to get rid of cancer. We […]

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The Moral Arc of Politics

March 11, 2015


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More than any other it is the Classical Liberal worldview grounded in reason and science that is bringing about moral progress—even when politics get in the way. — Michael Shermer, PhD — It’s considered a virtue to vote to force others to behave. This is called democracy. — In the United States, the original purpose […]

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The Everyday Death Penalty

March 5, 2015


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In recent decades, Western countries have evolved toward the idea that execution is barbaric and has no place in civilized society. Not that none of us ever nurses the desire to see someone hateful put to death, but as a formal political matter we generally no longer wish the government to liquidate criminals on our behalf. Most […]

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A Tribe with One Member

February 26, 2015


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  “He got all the way down to a tribe with just one member — himself.” — Lee Child When I was a kid, my parents voted for Nixon, so I was thoroughly for Nixon and heartily against Kennedy. I had no earthly idea why one was to be preferred over the other, but it […]

Addicted to Democracy

February 19, 2015


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Too much democracy is a sort of sad thing. — Ann Richards People love to argue politics. Lately, though, even the most disputatious among us bemoan “polarization”. Apparently the American political system has broken down in some manner. For many, polarization means “gridlock”, where the operations of government grind to a standstill as warring parties jam the gears. […]

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Does City Life Feminize Men?

February 12, 2015


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There’s a region of the Internet called the Manosphere that rejects most feminist ideology. It discards with contempt the notion that men and women are basically the same but trained by society to act differently. Its bloggers argue that women are different by nature, deeply attracted to insouciant, overconfident “alpha males” instead of the nice, helpful, polite “beta males” […]


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