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Racism and the City

May 21, 2015


%22racism and the city%22 normal_Columbus_lands_at_San_Salvador_Oct_12_1492

Sometimes I get these really odd ideas that are so confronting, they manage to tick off nearly everyone. I’ve got one of them now. It’s about racism. By the time I’ve explained it, almost every reader on both Left and Right will have turned away in disgust. And for opposite reasons. (I know, I know — it’s […]

The Prophet and the Bully — a short story

May 14, 2015



“So there was this bully, back in middle school.” The young man lay in a hospital bed, one arm in a sling. Two reporters sat on a nearby bed and took notes. The photographer had already left. A nurse hovered in the background. “And the bully had a gang of true believers. The bully also had […]

Quippy Presents: Old vs. New

May 7, 2015


%22quippy presents%22 Monster

The old way was to kill people who offend you; the new way is to snipe them on Twitter. The old way was a full-time career where you were stuck with a boss you hated; the new way is two part-time jobs with two bosses you hate. The old way was to despise the poor; […]

The Temperance Movement Discovers Cigars

April 30, 2015


%22the temperance movement discovers cigars%22 nicubunu-Cigar

You’re entitled to your own opinions. You’re not entitled to your own facts. — Daniel Patrick Moynihan A lot of people don’t approve of cigars — they don’t like the smell, the smoke, the butts. And they don’t much care for the people who smoke them, either — mainly those annoying troglodytes of the Republican persuasion. […]

If the Feminists Are Wrong, Do the Chauvinists Win?

April 23, 2015



Here’s a parlor game: count up the number of scientific discoveries hated by each side of the political spectrum. Currently the score is even. The Right rejects climate change while the Left despises GMO foods. Hard conservatives deny Evolution while extreme liberals deny … gender?  Feminists believe there’s no real difference between men and women’s minds and personalities. “Feminism is, of […]

Cartoon Tyrant

April 16, 2015



. . . He is plausible and cunning. — Arthur Conan Doyle If there ever were another Hitler, would we see him coming? Or would he sneak into our lives and hearts and wreak destruction before we realized what was happening? Growing up, my impression of Hitler was formed by the consensus view that he was dangerously insane, […]

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Moral Crusade, Part 3

April 9, 2015


%22moral crusade, part 3%22 johnny-automatic-angry-guy-with-axe-2

[Continued from “Moral Crusade, Part 2”] The Absolute Moralist feels it is his duty to decide what is right and wrong for you. . . . In the most extreme cases, he may even feel morally obliged to kill you in order to save you from your misguided lack of belief. — Robert Ringer Just what […]


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