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The New Victorians

December 18, 2014


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“You can’t say ‘the black kid over there.’ No, it’s ‘the guy with the red shoes.’ You can’t even be offensive on your way to being inoffensive.” — Chris Rock Back in the day, when Conservatives ruled the world and dinosaurs roamed the planet, it was considered immoral — and often against the law — […]

Not Like My Parents

December 11, 2014


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“If youth only new; if age only could.” — Henri Estienne When I was a kid, I swore I’d never turn into my parents. They despised rock-n-roll; they wouldn’t let me watch TV on weeknights; they seemed like old fuddy-duddies. As he got older, my father grew more alienated from society, more distant. He was still […]

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Is the Bill of Rights Intact?

December 4, 2014


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As a teen I traveled to Europe, including the Soviet Union. I received a copy of the Soviet constitution, and I poked around in it. It guaranteed freedom of speech and religion, etc etc. Yeah, right, I thought, What a bunch of baloney! Just because they wrote it down doesn’t mean it’s true. Thank God […]

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November 27, 2014


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On people: The people you love are sent down to test you and it’s a race to see who disappoints who first. — James Altucher Nothing undoes dignity like peevish indignation. — Kahlil Gibran Compulsive avoidance of embarrassment is a form of suicide. — Colin Marshall The number of fools is infinite. — Ecclesiastes 1:15 […]

Change the World?

November 20, 2014


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We can change the world. / Rearrange the world. — Graham Nash Back in the day, it was an American commonplace that any kid could grow up to be president. Today people tell boys and girls they can grow up to be the next Steve Jobs. We also tell our children they can grow up […]

Why Politics Doesn’t Work

November 13, 2014


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Americans can get into a tizzy over politics. They complain about gridlock or bad laws or the other party or too much foreign intervention or too little. They think the System is broken; they cry, “Something should be done!” But it’s hard to get general agreement on just how to fix it. There are several […]

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November 6, 2014



American elections come and go, but some things stay the same. Like griping about politicians. Like the endless feud between Republicans and Democrats. Like the belief, shared by both sides, that America is going to the dogs. One thing that has lately emerged in this eternal wrangling is the notion that we’re “polarized”. It’s as […]


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