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Two Quippy — Or, One of These Will Tick You Off

August 28, 2014


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People believe, not what’s true, but what makes them feel good. This is why we do stupid things over and over. We’re offended by others because we think we’re entitled to their behavior. People complain about life because bitching and moaning worked on their parents, so maybe it’ll work on God or Nature.  When caught […]


August 21, 2014


  A barbarian isn’t someone from a society you find distasteful. A barbarian is someone who forces you to belong to that society. The true barbarian is he who thinks everything barbarous but his own tastes and prejudices. — William Hazlitt It’s not how you dress or what you believe that makes you civilized; it’s […]

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Spock and the Jury

August 14, 2014


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The JimBlog sits in a jury box and gets kicked right out

Political Personalities

August 6, 2014


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  Why is it that liberals and conservatives fail to communicate? Aside from the obvious fact that they generally hate each others’ guts, why is it that they so frequently talk right past one another? It’s as if they live in separate universes. Arnold Kling is an economist — he worked for the Fed and […]

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The New Pandora’s Box — a short story

July 31, 2014


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In the beginning, God created America. And He saw that it was good. Then the Founders wrote the Declaration of Independence, and that was good, too. It said that all people “are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights” and so forth. This was an entirely new idea in history, and a good one. […]

Pop Quiz — a short story

July 24, 2014



Pop Quiz — a short story She sat down next to me at the bar. “Buy me a drink?” Tall, raven hair, dark brows, natural blush, little or no makeup.  “No.”  Nice body. Late thirties, early forties. Pretty. Maybe an eight.  Except the eyes, which were definitely beautiful. But there was something about them. They […]

Moral Crusade

July 17, 2014



In conversation, an acquaintance asserted flat out that Islam is a bad thing. The former soldier contended that Muslims yearn to conquer the world. “What they’re doing is evil. I don’t consider them human. I think they should all be eliminated.”  Well, uh… Another member of our little discussion group declared that the U.S. must […]


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